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Size Approx Weight Topline Breeds
XXXS 1-3Kg 19-22cm Smallest  Chihuahuas
XXS 3-5Kg 22-28cm Tea cup Yorkies, Miniature Pinschers,
XS 5-7kg 28-35cm Small Terriers, Toy breeds, Small Jack Russells, Small Border terriers, Maltese, Small Bichon Frise
7-11Kg 35-41cm Most Terriers, Border terriers, lhasa apso, Shitzu, Small cockerpoos, Small KC Cavalier spaniels, Pug, Westie, Small French Bulldog, Miniature Snauzher, Boston Terrier
M 11-16Kg 41-49cm Cocker Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers, Whippets, Shelties, Small Staffies, Cockerpoos, KC Cavalier spaniels, Large french bulldog, Miniature bull terrier
ML 16-22Kg 49-57cm Springer Spaniels, Small Border Collies, Small Bearded Collies, Big Staffies, Small British Bull dogs, Bull terrier
L 22-29Kg 57-67cm Labradors, Small Retrievers, Boxers, Pointers, Bearded Collies, Border Collies
XL 29-40Kg 64-72cm Large Labradors, Setters, Golden Retrievers, Large pointers, Large Labradoodles, Rotweillers, Flat coat retrievers, Standard Poodle
GSD 30-50Kg 72-84cm German Shepherds, Large Golden Retreivers, Large Setters, Large Greyhounds, Large Flat coats retrievers, Ridgebacks, Large Rotweillers
MD 50-80Kg 81-95cm Burnese Mountain Dogs, Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Irish wolfhounds, St Bernards
GMD 80Kg - 120Kg 95-115cm Extra Large Burnese Mountain Dogs, Large Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Irish wolfhounds, St Bernards. Also Shetland Ponies
Short Legged Breeds
DM 4-7Kg 30-36cm Miniature Dachshund
DT 7-11Kg 36-46cm "Tweenie Dachshund" (Inbetween the DM & DS sizes)
DS 11-14Kg 47-56cm Standard Dachshund
Corgi 10-16kg 47-55cm Small Corgis
BHS 18-28Kg 56-66cm Small Basset Hound & Large Corgis
BHL 28-38Kg 66-68cm Large Basset Hound
Ruff and Tumble